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as an old fart, you are in such great command of your confidence. me, my confidence wanes and ebbs and flows and can sometimes be shaken when the epicenter is lightyears away but sometimes holds fast even when someone stabs my heart. it's a funny thing, confidence.

i'm at a stage where i'm pretty much willing to take suggestions and go with them. i want to know what people really think about my writing. firsty and foremost, i want to know if writers could imagine something they just read of mine actually being printed in a journal or in a book. can you visualize this? i have been crafting this for a while, i've been to school, i've read a lot, but, and maybe because my prose is (to me) fairly experimental, i really am dying for feedback, and the more conventional it is, the better.

i really got off on a me me me tangent here. what i meant to be saying is that i really envy that confidence that you have. you feel like one of my teachers in college. not specifically, but just your aura.

and i really hope that things are going ok for you guys.