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1. I post, or I intend post eventually, stories to Litkicks in the hope that I will get some kind of constructive criticism that will help me learn to be a better writer. I have to admit I'm still a little wary of posting original work here for the fear that some lurking writer's blocked MFA student will have some deadline, steal my story, turn it in, and that will be the one the professor and everybody likes and it'll end up someplace like the New Yorker and I'll still be toiling in plagiarized obscurity. Probably a groundless fear, but still.

2. Ideally, replies to my pieces would be some sort of critiques beyond, "I like this." or "I don't like this." But those help too. If everyone who read posted at least that much, it would at least give an indication if the piece was any good or not. NOt that I need anybody blowing smoke up my ass telling me how great I am. Specific criticism is best but is also the hardest and most time consuming to offer.

3.I don't reply that often. Mostly due to lack of time. I am also afraid of getting sucked in and spending too much time here to the detriment of my other interests. It seems alot of people here post while at work, but I am a temp so when I am working, I rarely have internet access. today is the exception because i am at home while my windows are being replaced, (in January! in Chicago!) and I have nothing else to do but sit here and freeze my ass off.
And then sometimes I don't reply because nothing strikes my interest. And as some others have said before, I stay out of political discussions all together, since to term them 'discussions' would be to stretch the definition of that word to it's limits.
4.It is hard to reply to story posts. Critiquing is difficult. Beyond a thumbs up or a thumbs down, I mean. It's hard to say intelligent, useful things. For me at least.
5.I try my best to post to the relevant board, but sometimes I break the rules, yes.
6.I think most people reply/don't reply for the same reasons I stated for myself. You reply when something tickles your fancy, and you don't reply because your don't have time or you can't think of anything useful to say.