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is just a trick, a magic act...first you have to be willing to laugh at yourself, to not fear making a mistake because we all do...look around doesn't matter how high or low someone is...they make mistakes. Your being willing to experiment with your output is a good step in the right direction. Don't let fear of rejection or criticism be the focus of your creativity. We all have opinions, they are abundant, and usually only apply to to the person making them. You are totally unique, there is noone else like you in the entire universe so what-so-ever you do is likewise, unique. Do not compare yourself to others for the blade of grass is as essential as the pine tree. Confidence comes when you have the realization of your individuality within the connectedness of all things. You are necessary, otherwise you wouldn't be here and everything you create, within a creative mode, is necessary for your well being.

Thank you for asking about my well being...! We are doing great in this path, stubbing our toes occasionally, but ever onwards we go. kind to yourself, all else will follow.