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you asked for it

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so here it is:

i post to Action Poetry when i feel like spontanaiety, whether that's starting a thread or responding to one. i like the co-operative nature of writing there. when i post to Poetry, i genuinely desire praise, feedback, constructive criticism, hard hitting analysis, etc.

i rarely post to Stories, but when i do i am looking for a more relaxed kind of feedback. more of a
"it worked for me[why?]/it didn't work for me [why?]"
the reason for that is that i only use stories as a soundboard for ideas. my short fiction doesn't tend to see the light of litkicks after the initial 'notes on character/theme stage'... i also use Stories to post sketches that i think people might like, or if i need to write some cathartic prose. sometimes sharing the prose can be part of that catharsis.

as for reply percentage...hmmmm. i read a hell of a lot of the work that gets posted on this site. i often read poems on Action that i love but am not feeling poetic enough to reply to. on Poetry, i often don't feel like much of a critic. i have trouble responding to poems that are ten times better than what i write, and i never read more than the first couple of stanzas of poems that i don't like. every once in a while i'll read a gem that's a little rough around the edges, and i'll feel like i can praise it and critique it, and that my comments might be valuable.

no matter what board i'm on, even mindless chatter, if i start a thread, i go down and reply to a couple of others. especially on Poetry. i usually reply to most of the poems directly above and below whatever i have up. same with Stories. the problem with Stories is that many people are long winded and not very serious. i'll read a ten page story, but not if you butcher your syntax. you have no idea how many stories i read for thirty seconds and then give up on because i can't give someone reasoned critique if they can't really write to begin with. people need to ask themselves if what they're posting is reasonable [ie: pt's 1,2,3, all ten pages, bad story? no fucking way].

fc, i always use the boards for their intended purpose. always. and i wish people would do the same. i like order.

as for question number six, i can only say why i reply or do not reply. i make a point of replying to the people i like, even if i only get to make one reply and there's something "better" on the board. i reply to the people that reply to me. i reply to the people that i feel like i care about. if i have energy, i will try to reply to things that i think are just fucking fantastic [there are a few poets i can usually expect to like]. but most of the time, i only reply if i'm checking the board for responses to my work. otherwise i check the board and surf a little... but i don't really stretch my critical faculties. as for Action, i only reply to poems that truly inspire me, and at that point i have no choice.

i never reply to people that i know don't like me, unless i'm trying to confuse them. there are some things that will see me never reply to anyone, ever:

if they obviously don't reply to others. this is common.
if they post three poems in a fucking row on Action.
if i give them commentary and they don't reply back, i might not reply to them again.