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1. Like most others have said, I post poems because I care about what I wrote and I want them out there, heard, reacted to, and saved in my own personal virtual chapbook in the sky.

2. I always want praise ... and I'm happy when I get it. When I don't get it, I usually figure it means I fucked up as a poet and I try harder next time.

3. I'm in a weird position as "the LitKicks guy", in that I don't feel it would be fair for me to respond to some people's poems and then make other people feel "officially slighted". For this reason, I am pretty sure I have never posted feedback to anybody else's poetry or stories. I guess that sounds horrible/selfish, but it really is a necessary policy for me, I think.

4. No. I reply to people a lot on the non-poetry/stories boards, and I always just say exactly what I'm thinking. Then I post it, read what I wrote, and use the edit button to make it better (which is almost always needed).

5. I always post poems to Action, not sure why. I have never said "please critique" and I think I'm usually more interested in a reaction (good/bad) than a critique (change this/that) because I don't want to change it anyway. But reactions are always very important to me.

6. I think it's great that people reply as often as they do. I think these boards work better than I originally guessed they would.

-- Levi