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Phil, Spills the pills (about why he posts) --

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'Dammit, now that my floor is covered with oblong white pills. I might as well tell you my reasons for posting.'

As the conversation begins to slow down, let me throw in my six cents.


1 - Why do I post? Way back yonder..last June, I was searching for a place to post a short story I wrote. Naive as I was I thought this story was gold so I was very selective...after sending it to several websites/magazines and with a handful of rejection letters. I said 'aww screw this' and my gem of a story was actually a somehow I stumbled upon this site. and I can post until my fingers and keyboard bleed, no matter how many stinkers I produce.

2 - When I post I look for feedback that is cold, harsh, and downright mean. I want to be broken down on my floor crying, cursing the day I was ever born. That is the only good kind of feedback.

3 - I try to reply to people. But I'm not too good at comments/critiques...I feel monotonous after saying "good story", "Great story"...even though its true. But I try.

4 - Yep

5 - I've never been to a workshop. But I don't use (PC) because I don't want to seem needy. I don't know what it is but everytime I see someone who writes (PC) in their header, I avoid what they wrote...subliminal, AHHHH.

6 - I can't tell you about most people. Just about myself: Six foot two, about one-eighty, I like long walks on the beach, snuggling with my cat, watching sunsets.

Thanks for taking the time to read me. (ya damn blokes)