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a reply for in_extremis

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hey there yo-

i was hoping you'd reply...

first of all let me say that i do appreciate your efforts on this front. really i do.

your contrast of poetry/ap is a good one, i'm often curious how people see these two boards.

i totally agree with what you say about reading a lot... it's impossible to reply to it all. and i don't want anyone to feel bad about that. it is what it is. i mentioned to shamantha above that i often don't feel "qualified" as a critic, because i'm not a writer by trade nor am i an expert on story writing or poetry. but i do have valuable input as a reader, and i think that's important to keep in mind.

i agree that we all need to think about what is reasonable to expect... and that we all have time constraints. good point.

and i agree with your last three points, even though i try not to hold grudges... heh. i try...

thanks for putting your heart into this, inex.