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good questions

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Here's my answers:

1. I post my original writing here because litkicks offers me a focused, poetry construction site, which is inspiring for me. It used to be harder for me to access my writing, because I'm scattered. This site gives me the setting I need to create. I really like feedback and I'm always happy to get it. Many of my posts stand alone, with no responses, which used to bother me some, but I must say it's also helped me to master some self doubt around my writing. I don't see a no response as an automatic rejection anymore. That is a strength I've gotten here, and I'm glad of it.

2. Sure, I like praise, I like constructive criticism, what I don't like is negative sarcasm in a response to a creative writing post. I think that is insensitive.

3. If I could I would respond to them all. I am totally amazed at the incredible talent here. Unfortunately I can't respond to them all, there just isn't enough time, or enough of me....

4. Sometimes it's hard to respond, some poems I just don't get. I also at times, don't know what to say to a poem right off, I get very affected by some of the work here, it can be very beautiful, deep, and even disturbing and I need time so will go back later with a response when it comes to me, or that will be my intention and then life will get in the way or something and it will pass me by.

5. I never post PC. If someone wants to respond that's good enough for me. I do prefer the Poetry board's more workshop atmosphere these days.

6. I think there are many reasons why people don't reply.
maybe they just didn't feel any response, maybe they didn't get it, maybe they didn't like it, what's important though is that I keep on going, because I'm inspired to write and that's what it's about for me. Of course, I always hope that someone will like it enough to respond.

anyway, there's some of my thoughts.