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here it is, the unlocking of myself

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what i'm all about: this will tell you everything there is to know about me. really. this is all i consist of.

1.) i post my writings here because i have to purge somehow. if they aren't posted to this site they are sent away in email. it gives me a feeling of *flush* which i need.

here's my stance on feedback: reply to my posts if you want. i'm not going to ask for critique because it only means something if you feel compelled to reply without my request. if i don't earn replies, i decide that i posted utter shit and live with it.

2.) if you decide to feed back to my post, reply with whatever you want. i don't mind verbal abuse. sometimes i don't know how to accept compliments because i never feel arrogant or "full of myself" but i do smile at them. whatever criticism or comments you have to offer are just fine with me.

3.) i reply very little to stories because i don't have time to read them. i work 40 hrs per week and surf this site while i'm working on several projects at once, answering 5 telephone lines, chatting, and trying to hide the fact that the laptop beside me is displaying something obviously non-business related. multitasking is key. after work i have 3 hrs of class and i search this site after while i attempt to unwind. i can read poems so much easier (short ones, anyway) but i'm not always sure of a good reply. i don't want to tear apart poetry in criticism and don't want to suggest meanings in poetry that aren't there, and "hmm, good poem" always underrates the poem. rarely do i find the correct words to compliment a poem, but when i do, i reply.

4.) (see above)

5.) i post to "action poetry" because the traffic is higher there than on "poetry." this is because i enjoy banters. also, i never feel that a "poem" that i write is ever really a poem. the presence of the term "action" in action poetry suggests the spontaneity that is used in my "poems" that makes them somewhat slipshod and under the weather. i could construct them better but that would take time, and the more i look at something i'm writing, the more i'm apt to delete it in disgust before i'm finished.

6.) i think people reply for a few certain reasons. 1: they feel inspired and reply with a poem. 2: some people are obviously moved enough to reply, which is the best reason to reply, in my opinion. 3: some people cover their friends' backs. they make them not feel so alone (i do notice this.. i'm not meaning to offend anyone).