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...SOMETIMES I spend a LONG TIME responding to something then go to post it and find that I’ve been AUTOMATICALLY SIGNED OUT and when I try to go back to find the EPIC RESPONSE... it's gone. This makes me not want to play.



I’ll try to reiterate what I said because I feel this is important...
forgive me if it seems a little 'nut shelled' but, like I said... I already wrote a WONDERFULLY EPIC and HIGHLY INTELLIGENT response to this and it vanished....

...SIGH... (is that ever frustrating!)

1) I don't know why I post. I don't know why I do readings. to share, I guess. to connect.

2)ANY kind of feedback. whatever. opinions don't hurt me or change my writing. I do it for me. if you like it, great. if you don't, ah well. if you want to tell me about it, please do.

3)on the story/poetry boards... probably 60%. but I don't go over there as often as maybe I should.

4)not at all. if I’m moved to I reply. the anonymity makes it easier in fact.

5) I don't put p/c on anything. I think if someone wants to, they have every right to respond whether I want them to or not. it's a forum. I posted, it's out of my hands. if I just wanted to show it off, I’d plop it on a website with no contact info. If you want to respond, please do but i'm not gonna ask you to.

6) Various reasons. Time. Friendliness. Ego. Flirtations. Windbaggedness. Sense of community. Some posts are too personal to critique, they're obviously vents and don't need response. goes on and on. all sorts of reasons.

honestly, if EVERYONE were to respond to ALL of my posts, I wouldn't have the time to read it all. Let alone respond to the responses. Some of your responses I take to heart more that others. some I respect more. some I roll my eyes at. no biggie, it's just stupid poetry anyways.

I've made a decision to read at least one post every time I log in. I'm off to do that now. (after I copy this to a word file JUST IN CASE)

Maintaining A Healthy Amount of Sympathy For The Devil,
Kreddible Trout.