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1. sometimes just for the fun of it. it is a great morale booster to put your words out and get feedback on it, for whatever reason. I don't consider myself a serious writer, but not considering myself one, does not mean i don't enjoy creating or having that creation responded to. sometimes the post is a response to a query or challenge... sometimes, it is something i'm feeling and just want to put some place... or a "snapshot" i want to share because the moment was special to me. and sometimes, i think i am just so very clever, other people should have a chance to just enjoy the cleverness that is uniquely me... don't you agree?

2. of course i like praise. don't we all enjoy a pat on the back. sometimes, i appreciate input about the way soemthing reads or a way to improve it. so, i guess i like all kinds of feedback. i have never been offended by any one's positive opinion. i don't like putdowns however. they don't serve any good purpose.

3. replying to posts. hmmmmmmmmmmm. let me see. well, i'm replying to this one, because i think it is worth spending my time on. sometimes i reply in discussion formats because i have an opinion i wish to share. in the creative formats i reply when something speaks to me. sometimes, i must admit, i am totally blown away, and find no words to reply with. in those instances, even though i find the writing awesome, i remain silent. i guess i should at least run up a "sparkle on the monkey train" flag.
i read more than i post

4. it is hard to reply to some posts. and sometimes frustrating, because your intent may speak differently to a person with a different set of experiences to interpret what you are saying. sometimes it is difficult to know how to reply. another time i remain silent

5. PC... i've used this. but, i don't usually think of it, just to be honest. since most of my writing is for personal enjoyment... well, i don't concern myself so much as to "correct" format. but i have gained a lot from people's suggestions and should probably use the old "PC" more often.

6. geeze, i don't know about other people. some people i think just like to voice an opinion and have one on just about everything... that's fine. i like discussions and like to hear what others are thinking... some people are more comfortable in giving input on other's writing style. some are very good at it... and i always feel a boost when someone acknowledges something i have said as being good. for me, i reply because i feel i have something to add to a discussion or i really want some one to know i enjoyed their words. sometimes i reply because i read soemthing that i identity with and i want to share that moment with the writer...

do not reply, just unsure exactly how to respond.... sometimes... sometimes, just no time... sometimes i find something... that was posted hours ago and even though I feel i have input i feel rather like, "why bother now" this was news hours ago... timing, i guess.... it's all timing.