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this is an exercise of propaganda
and marketing meant to instill fear
in the public so that this unthinkable
aggression can be carried out
for the sake of money and oil
and control of territory and power,
but i already said that...

what happened to the so-called war on terrorism?
what happened to osama bin laden?
do you see his name on the front page any more?
have you noticed the enemy changed so quickly
the public wasn't even given a chance to ask
these questions? what happened the talk of chasing
down al queda cells?

Iraq was NOT responsible for 911.

of COURSE we care about the 911 victims
and oppressed citizens in Iraq and oppressed
women in Afghanistan..... of course people should
care about this

no, we do not want to close our eyes tight
and shut our ears to history in the making

on the contrary

we want to OPEN our eyes and see what's really there
and if there is PROOF presented that Iraq has weapons
of mass destruction and a MEANS of delivering these weapons, AND if at that point Hussain refuses to disarm,

and if the UN is satisfied with this proof, then maybe
there would be a significant realization that the US
is being threatened

but that's not the case.
they can't find weapons and my suggestion
that perhaps there aren't any, isn't far fetched.

PLUS the US has constitutional restrictions on
undeclared war and CONGRESS must pass declaring war
before the president of the US can send out troops.
there are also UN laws and statutes about how
this can take place LEGALLY

guess what?
none of these things have happened.
there is no proof presented and it's all a marketing campaign for money hungry war mongers
and unfortunately, other than the possibility of exile
for Hussein, I don't think this thing can be stopped

it's one thing to defend yourself against a clear threat
and it's another to attack prior to being threatened

it's like the kid who said, "so because i think johnny might hit me some time tomorrow, it's ok that i hit him first, right now?"