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earth and i have memory

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earth and i have memory
recorded -- darwin collects bones
and skulls for breaking.
taking evidence, dissecting in an attempt
to determine age - the art of explanation
is a scientific rage. -- even
sages cannot configure loops,
repeats, echoes, recordings,
recordings of previous and future
proceedings, warnings which may
or may not have been announced.

nobody can see future tense
when stars are appearing, though the
nearing of a telescopic lens
has been rumored to help.

seasons are the salt.
seasons of thyme.
seasons of art.
seasons of recourse.
seasons of disappointment.
seasons of elated value.
seasons of depletion and
stolid fall.
seasons of the all
of summer, sun drenched
by tide, wide arms outstretched
for creation.
seasons of vibration
and violation,
seasons of white
snow below leathered

earth and i have memory
recorded - mud youth
trodden, remembered,
forgotten, hated,
fondly held,

welled up into a new
recycling -- Love,