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OK, don't get all religious on us, Lrod

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There have been several discussions on this board in the past few days on the subject of belief, historical christ, atheism etc.
It is not my intention and never has been to disabuse someone of their faith. I think some faith is essential to sanity. But so is a healthy scepticism. This is why I must take the agnostic position. I believe I don’t know. Given that most people postulate god as a non-corporeal being, he is not subject to proof or measurement. But the atheist dogma that he doesn’t exist is rather arrogant and presumptious it seems to me. It presumes that the seeker has examined every place in the universe and has not found evidence of god.
I don’t think man has the capacity to know god. This is why we are so prolific in our myths and interpretations of the concept. This is why we try to anthropomorphize and invent images and personalities for what we call god. In the end we all have to make peace with this alone.
The trouble with revealed religions is that they depend at some point on taking someone elses word about the religious experience. I think that this is one reason for the interest in phychedelics (in the 60’s-70’s especially.) It was the result of people wanting FIRST HAND religious experience rather than a described experience or one based on faith in old myths.
In the end all of us must decide what is proof or disproof of god’s exixtence.
That is unless you believe as I do: that it doesn’t matter.