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hey, ronnie

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I’m not sure what my caliber is
Somewhere between 22 and 38 most likely
But sometimes I feel like a bb or a cannonball

(this reminds me of a story. Used to live across the creek from a guy that had a pig. Disgusting creature who would escape his pen on occasion and come over and wreck my yard rooting around. The guy decides to slaughter the pig one day. He has a FIFTY caliber pistol. Some antique collector’s piece that shoots a fifty caliber BALL. I walked out on my deck which overlooked the pig pen across the creek. He levels the pistol on the pig’s head. BAM. Pig falls over but is still twitching. The guy walks about two steps toward me and shouts asking me if I had any 22 shells. He has his back on the pig and about that time the pig jumps up from the dead and starts charging the guy. The fifty caliber ball was so big it bounced off the beast’s skull. Anyway, just a story)

I drop in at action once-in-a-while but you know how it is. My barstool’s warm over here.