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yeah, um

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(hey, that's cool that has two meanings: yeah, um)

anyway. yeah, um, i agree with you. this is what threw me right off the bat. i mean, first you had the thing about creating a holocaust, which, other than trying to sound like a few of us here, i'm really not quite sure what he meant to really mean by that. i mean, surely he doesnt think that america is going to round up all iraqis and either burn them to death, gas them to death, starve them to death or work them to death, or just shoot them in the head after making them walk around wearing "i am iraqi armbands" for months thinking maybe everything is going to be ok. i wasnt too thrown by that because clearly he couldnt possibly have meant that, and he must have (in my opinion) only meant that this was a big can of worms that america was getting itself into. i mean, it would have been perhaps more fitting if he had used the words "big fucking can of worms" rather than "holocaust," but i think i know what he meant, so i was cool with that.

but then actually to deal with the race of the sect'y general, when, clearly, it's not the sect'y general who's been leading the charge here (it's the UN security council, after all...maybe bush is actually anti-german (nazi) and anti-french (waffling frogs), which i can understand, at least a little better than being diplomatically racist, seeing as it's colin powell who's been actually at the UN).

that threw me.

old people. i love my 88-yr-old grandpa, too, but i dont want him saying things to newspapers. i guess, tho, any country that had a state reelecting strom thurmond until he couldnt run anymore because no one could hear his speeches from thru the jar of formaldehide anymore really cant complain.