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Don't 'believe' it!

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Belief systems of any kind are a detriment to ones own personal growth. Belief is believing what another has said. Now, if I tell SooZen that I stayed late at work, she would 'believe' me rather than wonder whether that was the case or not, due to our shared life together... no problem with that level of belief.

However, when we use belief when it comes to the subject of whether there is or is not a god - careful! One person will say that there definitely is a god, while another will flatly deny in any such existence.... the believer vs the atheist.

Easy to understand why one would not believe in a god. Look at how religions have portrayed 'god' - always metaphorically thru 'a man with a long white beard sitting on a throne in a place called heaven', 'a blue man with the powers of divinty to make things happen at will', 'an ethereal presence that will gift you with total happiness upon following 'his' commands', etc, etc....

The problem is the language of the godly experience. One cannot use words, per se, to define the 'godly experience' as the experience transcends all matter, and matter is what language is made up from...nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, verbs...all are defining the physical world in some way or the other (as this piece that I'm writing).

But the 'god experience' is beyond all matter, for matter is limited. All matter has a life span before it changes. This being the case, our belief in a god is based upon words told to us by those that try and define the experience, if they have had the experience personally or if they themselves believe what they were told and feel that you too should "believe" as they do.

To believe or experience is the question. How many among us truly want to have the 'god experience'? How many among us deep within their own hearts want to 'know god'? Very few would want to take 'the journey', would be my guess. There are too many other 'things' to deal with - family, realtionships, jobs, children, mortgages, car payments, groceries.

I don't know if there is a god or not. But I do know that there is a level of consciousness that we can achieve that puts us into a godly state, a state of blissfullness, a state that at least minimally touches upon our own divinity, that which transcends our own ego life.

This state of consciousness is within us, all of us. This state is our godliness, our original face, that which existed before all matter, that which is the eternal, and that which we shall 'return to' when we shed our skin and bones.