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it is difficult for many peopel to understand that disbelief is the contrary of belief. disbelief is the fact that someone does not believe (absence of belief) in something. it is not equal to believing in non-existence. Someone who disbelieves in gods may possibly still believe that gods may exist - he just does not believe they really do. He would still be called an atheist.

so there is an important distinction to be made...strong/weak-atheism...weak-atheism is disbelief in gods, but strong-atheism adds something more : it is also a belief that gods do not exist. Another way of saying this is that a strong-atheist holds that there is no possibility that gods may exist. so there are two types of atheism that makes the issue a little clearer...a lot of people talk about atheists as if they're scary, evil and tragic. absurd.

you say it's arrogant to not believe in it arrogant to not believe in santa claus? i think to be told that you should believe in something which intrinsicly or extrinsicly has no proof or measure is ludicrous. i respect everyone who has a faith system taht gives them hope, comfort and answers. i simply don't find it's for me...

that's all.