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Cheval, Rodia and others in the Michel Thevoz book taken into consideration, it occurred to me over lunch that some form of construction or small sculpture might be a form of plastic and pictorial art to try.

Draftsmanship, while essential to figurative painting, can be acquired slowly. Working with found materials, or even papier-mache (I've done some life-size figures from grocery bags-- rich in wood pulp-- in mache) or even paper sculpture of the table-top variety might be interesting.

In short, working in three dimensions might be a profitable and earnest undertaking.

Just a thought.

And Cheval. Hooboy. Thanks for the web site.

I always think of Henri Rousseau, one of my favorite painters, as the ultimate inside outsider. He lived as practically a homeless person much of his life, and except for the patronage of Picasso and others, might even have been buried and the world would have been bereft of all those marvelous jungles.

p.s. Augustin LeSage, found on page 182 of the Michel Thevoz book, is my kind of epic painter, eh?