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has been discussed by the Greeks, especially Socrates.

There are times in the dialogues that Plato recorded when Socrates talks of the gods and uses specific names, like Zeus and Dionysus (who really has an inaccurate reputation, but that's another story), but there are other times when it's just translated "God," like when he talks about conscience and source of natural talent. This made me wonder; he couldn't have been talking about Zeus, otherwise it would've been translated "Zeus," like it had been in other instances. So I looked stuff up, and I found that the untranslated word in these cases was "Deus." A generic term, yet an all-encompassing term. So then everything I had postulated by myself (I never read philosophy until last year, when I discovered that the thoughts I had come to on my own were greatly shared by Buddha) got kinda re-affirmed; I had the backing of Socrates!

Plus I had a word to apply to my concept of God.
I'm just a little worried that people might call me a Deist, which isn't entirely accurate. Close, but no cigar.

(damn cliches. they just escape sometimes)