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I've read him

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I've read Bukowski, the novels and the poetry, and I confess to liking a great deal of it. I particularly like the fact that his writing is so un-adorned, it doesn't play tricks, it isn't fancy, it isn't a lot of academic crap. Of course, some of it is just plain crap, but whose writing isn't?

I posted this partially because the Writers and Genres board is being ignored lately, everyone gathering like mid ocean herring on the Utterances board. What's up with that?

But I also got to thinking about Bukowski as Human Being and as Poet and, given he has such a devoted fandom, wondered to myself "what would this guy do if he found himself in a room with people more brilliant and more original and more Positive than he? Would he listen and learn? Or would he simply outshout, outdrink, and outpuke everyone else?"