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Another incomparable performance by HST

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Hunter S. was on Conan last night and once again made for great tv. The Good Doctor (as well as the other guests last night) seemed to have ingested quite a few drinks (perhaps other things). After walking out with TWO handlers, he proceeded to walk behind the couch and then move the couch and chair so he could sit down. He rambled on about Johnny Depp, his shoes, accidentally shooting his assistant and, of course, fire arms, which segued into a film clip of him and Conan out at a shooting range, from a year ago. It looked like Owl Farm but they didn't say. Thompson gave out some great "WHOOOPPS!" and battle cries. He also swore incessantly during the interview. Oh yeah, and they barely even spoke about his book. But overall the Doctor looked pretty good, no worse for the wear.

Comedy Central re-runs the previous night's Conan. I think they're at noon and 6pm, but not 100% sure. Anyway, it is DEFINITELY Must See (Literary) TV.

Peoria, IL