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"The Book of Disquiet" I own is published by Pantheon Books, translated by Alfred Mac Adam (yup, there's a space in his name, it's "Mac Adam" on the title page).

I've just started it.

In the very opening letter to Mario de Sa-Carneiro, one is gripped by Pessoa's writing:

"I'm having one of those days in which I never had a future. There is only the present, fixed and surrounded by a wall of anguish. The other bank of the river, because it is the other bank of the river, is never the bank we are standing on; that is the intimate reason for all my suffering."


The introduction refers to Pesoa only as Portugal's "greatest representative of the modern sensibility" not, as I had inferred, Portugal's first Modernist.

Thanks for bringing this writer to my attention. A fascinating personage to be sure, and well worth reading.