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and i should also add

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(yeah, now i'm talking to myself)

that while the 'e.e.' is great and most recognizable, i have never seen Cummings (the big EEC) referred to in lowercase in any biography, article, etc. so i think it's fine to refer to him that way whenever you want, i feel an article or more composed review should be in caps. that said, i'm going to add a few things to the article:

a) a few more details about his life in france and how it influenced him as an artist

b) a summary of his relationship with editors/proofreaders/publishers. as you can imagine with his style of writing, it was a bit of a struggle for his pieces to end up being published exactly the way he intended for them to be seen.

c) a few more lines about his political/social beliefs

and d) the believed origin of his use of lowercase 'i'.

yeah... E.E. Cummings: Attack of the (c)lones coming soon to an article near you.


and c) a few more lines about his