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the evening of the night underneath a mountaintop with coo-coo's and blatant pork chops and this girl once loved you and this girl once loved you in the evening of the night with willow wasps wondering with great endurance to the treachery of the bespoken left with solid heads and empty arms and broken pieces of yesterday's charm, a dharma bum with a oil fueled lamp like d.h. lawerence as a poet is a mesmerize with soft soft chicken cat fur below it's toes in chronic solution for never never land all cracked up in something it is not

coo coo coo like a train on rolling past a tiny town with just a bar and post office left into the yards of st paul or iowa with it's meat cutters. nebraska-south dakota is starting a border war...what idiots i guess this republican president influences him

and he won't visit pine ridge despite a dozen calls
won't even return the calls

coo coo coo back all silent sadly enough politics invades the serenity of surroundings perverts them and makes you not old enough and this fluss and da und hier and da

no speak to Lakota

cut off from land and way of life