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These are from my book [Self Expression]


Stop looking under the light,
Watch the person in the back,
Observe the bag that's being filled, not what they pack,
At the end of each verse sung, she'll take in her breath,
Pay attention at this time, for once ignore the rest.

Behind the fist throwing the punch, is an angry mind,
Instead of jumping the gun, find out why he's unkind,
The waves you like to surf on, don't keep themselves alive,
May this thought run through your mind next time you take a dive.

All birds that fly through the sky rely on air,
This force although is never seen, of it we're aware,
Look past the tree, into the space between it's leaves,
Given time, you'll perceive far subtler energies;
Don't just focus on the scenes, but what lies behind them too,
Because the scenes wouldn't exist, without the backup crew.


Sometimes we just can't decide
Which path to choose, we need a guide,
Someone to tell us what to do,
A voice that all it says is true,
To guide us through our darkest nights
Helping us back towards the light,
A voice which tells us wrong from right
And lets us keep our goals in sight.

Well I've found a special friend,
He tells me what to do and when,
And leads me towards the luck,
Plus helps me free when i get stuck;
Sit quietly and listen too,
You'll hear your friend whisper to you,
He'll tell you which path to take,
And how to get a lucky break;
So next time you face a choice,
Just listen to your inner voice.

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