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a question about names of Kerouac's characters

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Hi, I just read a Finnish newspaper article about Kerouac's novels. It's fine that two of his novels were recently translated into Finnish, i.e. The Subterraneans and Big Sur, and the translations are OK, and the article is OK too, but I wonder if he's made a mistake in giving the alias name of Cody Pomeray to Burroughs, or vice versa - I always connect the name Cody Pomeray to Neal Cassady... am I right or wrong? The article, btw, is great, with the title "When your bum/lousy night-time self writes your diary" - I do understand what he means, the diary-like form or style of K's novels... I know this journalist has written several articles about the Beats, and his little mistake is really understandable!