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Hiroshima revisited

Posted to Poetry and Politics

The news pronounce
"the US has authority to use
weapons of mass destruction"
Bush just needs to make the call.
the commentator explained
if Saddam thinks he can threaten
then he better be prepared
for the consequences
Saddam has even been asked
by the king of Bahrain
to step down from office
to avoid the impending war
(a war would cost
over 80 billion plus bloodshed
on both sides)
many speculate
Saddam will go down
but not of choice
the commentator finished with
"the US has very modern tactics
Saddam will be stopped
long before he can use
any nuclear weapons he might have
and if we go to War
under the Rules of Engagement
Saddam will be taken out"

(what if...?)

my baby sister just told me
she wants to have her Quincenera
sweet 15 celebration
as per Mexican tradition
waltz, big dress and all
her birthday is this June 18
she's deaf-mute

the glow in her eyes
reflects none of the chaos of this world