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WA State Representatives walk out during Muslim Prayer

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I really tell myself that I'm apolitical. But sometimes...


OLYMPIA, Washington (AP) -- Two lawmakers left the floor of the Washington House of Representatives during a prayer by a Muslim religious leader... Monday.

(Republican Lois) McMahan said she did not oppose having a Muslim deliver the prayer but left because "the religion is the focal point of the hate-America sentiment in the world."

"It's an issue of patriotism," she said. "Even though the mainstream Islamic religion doesn't profess to hate America, nonetheless it spawns the groups that hate America."


OK, so here's the part where I were my heart on my sleeve....

Who the hell does this lady think she is to hide behind patriotism to justify her actions? She's certainly not talking about my patriotism.

It's small-minded, saber rattling, fearful WASP's like her that scare me 10,000 times more than people, no matter what country they're from, of the Muslim faith.

By the way, what really "... spawns the groups that hate America." are bigoted, prejudicial, jingoistic people like Representative McMahan.

I wonder how may Muslim programmers there are in Redmond, WA? I wonder how much MicroSoft campaign $ Ms. McMahan received during her last election?

OK, I'm done with this screed.
If any of you are similarly offended I encourge you to email Rep. McMahan @