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March 5th Moratium for Peace

Posted to Poetry and Politics

Today is the proposed moratorium for peace. Mine is the following statement, sent out in letter form to Senators, Congressmen, and major newspapers.

Dear ***,
I worry about war, but I am no protestor. I support our government and our soldiers. But in an age when communication has infinite possibilities, via telephone, e-mail, and fax, why are we not communicating with those we see as a threat to us? Is the best way to remove a threat: to destroy the person who threatens, or to relieve them of their root causes for threatening us? Has anyone proposed that Bush, Blix, Hussein, and others meet in a neutral location and talk this out, face-to-face? It’s not only possible, it’s time – before our soldiers go to war to either die or come home scarred. It’s time, before Iraqis, who are already impoverished by Hussein and sanctions, are further beaten down.

This tricky situation involves the few, but it is the many who stand to suffer. The real inner workings of the government are unknown to people like myself. What I do know is the government that I trust warns that a biological attack on citizens is very possible. Will going to war squelch the possibility, or will it continue to bait the snarling dog already backed into the corner? I love America, I love my own life, and I hope our government will re-evaluate this war. I believe that they are working for our benefit, but everyone can be wrong sometimes. Being wrong isn’t as bad as thousands of deaths caused by being wrong.