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The sinful hips of Elvis Presley
the soulful moves of Norman Bates
the thousand-yard stare of Charley Manson
the deep cut lines of Sharon Tate.

The catwalk looks of Rick Ramirez
the crack-fuelled rage of ol' James Brown
the culinary skills of Jeffrey Dahmer
John Wayne Gaceys playful clown.

The strange fruit down in Alabama
the two blind eyes of Uncle Sam
the bombing of the churches and the fiery crosses
the Christian works of the Ku Klux Klan.

The thick black rain of Hiroshima
the whacked-out troops in Vietnam
the juvenile games with Fidel Castro
the friendly fire in Afghanistan.

The power and the glory of the USA
the killing fields of East L A
the gunstores out on every corner
salesman grinning "Have a nice day.