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Fin De Siecle - French scene - late 19th century - Symbolism

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Hi all,

I`m curious of opinions held, as to what you lot think the FIN DE SIECLE actually was.
I understand the scene was set in late 19th century france - in the final parts of the romantic age and as a revolt against the old order of literature.
I`ve been told that it was a reference to the rise of the Decadents and the then self-proclaimed Symbolists(who were essentially the same guys), against the niceties and clinical styles of prevailing french literature .
Next i was told that it was the actual wave of change that hit all forms of literature, in the face of a stagnent literary scene.
Then i was told by someone else that it did`nt really exist at all - and if it did, it was a very vague reference to the french literary world crossing form the 19th century into an expectantly fresher 20th century.

Damn, i`m confused over this one!
Am i chasing my tail on this one??
Opinions or corrections...?

P.S. i`m not looking for definitions by the way!
Just opinions...cheers!