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have you e-mailed the Pope?

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just received this forwarded message from a friend:

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From: James Twyman
Date: 3/7/2003 10:06:14 AM
Subject: The Pope in Iraq?

Beloved Friends,

Now and then a message comes across my desk that I know I must pass on.
Several days ago a friend forwarded an email to me from Helen Caldicott regarding a way we could assure an end to possible war in Iraq, and I have to agree that this could work. As you probably know, Pope John Paul II is adamantly against this war and has called it "a defeat for Humanity." He sent an emissary to Iraq and Washington to deliver a personal message and continues to urge political leaders to protest a possible US led invasion.

If there is one person whose life George Bush would be unwilling to risk it would be the Pope's. Therefore, millions of people around the world are being asked to email, fax or even telephone His Holiness asking him to personally station himself in Baghdad until a proper solution can be found.

If he would do it, it would work.

I would like to suggest we take this request one step further. The Pope has been a strong voice for peace and reconciliation for many years now, and has called the spiritual leaders of the world together twice to pray for peace in Assisi. I suggest the Pope call another gathering of spiritual leaders opposed to war and violence in Iraq, imploring them to join him in a statement George Bush cannot ignore. If they gather in Baghdad and ask the people of the world to join them in prayer, then the war will not happen. Then the inspectors would have more time to do their work and a political solution would surely be found.

I have already emailed the Pope and I ask you to do the same. Also, please forward this email to as many people as you can, for it will be hard for His Holiness to ignore the requests of millions of people. I consider this a spiritual solution coming from religions that have in the past been the cause of so much separation. Please help us spread the word for this important mission.

Please send your email to: If you would like to send a fax from the US, the number is: 011-39-06698-85378 (from other countries drop the 011 prefix), and to phone call: 011-39-06-69-82.

Imagine the impact of such a statement of peace from the leaders of the world's religions from Iraq. Let this be a "Victory for Humanity." It is the eleventh hour. The war may begin any day now. Please do not wait
letting the Pope hear your important voice.

In Peace,
James Twyman

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