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Fyodor Dostoevsky

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That's who I meant. I want to return to him in the near future because there is still so much I haven't read.


'The Portable Nietzsche' is one of the best places to start. It contains many complete texts (5, I think) which mesh nicely as a survey of Nietzsche's various ideas and styles.

'Beyond Good and Evil' is great, though it might be a tuff nut to crack if you're new to Nietz. And it is one of his drier works.

My two favorite books are 'The Portable Nietzsche' and 'Basic Writings of Nietzsche'. Both are translated and edited by Walter Kaufman (the best) and read together give you the bulk of Nietzsche's stuff. If you read em you'll soon be in the library filling in the cracks left in his opus with the Stanford Edition works and others. I wish I was in the place you guys are. You have such a great adventure to embark on!