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It's those goddamn Global Corporations! I knew it! How much did they pay to get Cheney, anyway? It does make sense. The planet could be pillaged so much more efficiently with some well-placed raving thuggery and/or annihilation. So was Sept. 11th a setup? Maybe The Corporations own not only our government, but al-Quaeda as well. Maybe that's why bin Laden is still out there (or is he?). As my Bible-toting roommate explained to me, it's all about an Evil Multinational Corporate Super Cell controlling everything to manufacture such fear that it
paves the way for a new One World Order and the antichrist... I've got a headache, now...

It's all based on principle? Profit, maybe... Damn,
I'm starting to sound like a frothing, paranoid purveyor of conspiracy theory. Sorry... a little cynical frustration boiling over... I don't like the
sound of this "American peace"....