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I like this article because it raises questions and causes one to think, rather than simply stating something as fact and then hoping that if one yells loud enough, the point will be accepted. Notwithstanding, I still find it full of little throwaway slogans and phrases.

The cause(s) of war is something that has been studied for a long time, and after all that study, academia has not been able to come up with defining conclusions. Little statements like "there has never been a war between two countries that harbored McDonald's franchises" are misleading. War is also rare between democracies - this is part of the reason why us so-called developed countries push so hard for democracy in the so-called underdeveloped or developing countries. (Certainly there are others, some noble, but most related to a desire to create conditions in the 3rd/4th world conducive to western capitalism - the new colonialism, so to speak.) This lack of depth in understanding also leads some to herald the Cold War as having worked. There was no war, therefore it was a successful strategy. Tell that to those who fell victim to the associated proxy wars - Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, to name a few.

I do, however, like the hypothesis that maybe this is all a ruse, display the US as the Mother of all Rogues conducting a gigantic bluff to effect the change they want. Personally, I doubt this, it is out of character I think, nonetheless, one has to recognize that if we want Iraq to change, if we want Saddam to change or leave, if we want some form of security in the region, if we want some form of hope for Iraqis, then Saddam or his replacement has to be forced to do these things. Add that it is infeasible that this could come around without some form of external pressure, and what is left? Embargoes/sanctions are not working. Perhaps the only way to effect this change is to convince Saddam that it is get out or die. There is only one way to do that, and that is the current game of brinkmanship that is underway. Whether or not this is the thinking, I don't know, but I doubt it. It certainly feels like George wants war, and I'm not at all convinced he will stop there. He has said anyone helping terrorists out will be systematically taken care of. He can't get to them all at once - Iraq is his first stop. My opinion, anyway, and one I hope is wrong.