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Oil for Food Program

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That doesn't even include the oil he sneaks out via other means, including the coastal tankers and vessels with false holds that we board/arrest all the time out here. Or maybe it does - I don't know where the numbers come from. But he is only supposed to be selling oil for food.....I think it's called the Oil for Food Program (imaginative bunch, huh.....I'd call it 'oil ain't just for smokin, bub' or something like that).

Now, how many people in Iraq? I'm not sure, but I'll guess maybe 10 million, tops. That's $6000 worth of food for each. Now some of that is profit...but even if 80% is cost, which it isn't, but let's suppose that, then it works to $1200 worth of food per person per year. In this part of the world, nobody starves at $1200 a year for food. Hell, I can go out and have vegetable salad with lemon & oils, breads with hummus, two types of chicken, rice, and a nice spicy vegetable dish, washed down with mango (M A N G O - love that word), all for about $4 - and that's westerner prices. Locals don't pay menu prices over here.

Saddam is bad. I laugh at arguments that claim we're starving innocent people with embargoes/sanctions.

Don't get me wrong - I don't believe we should be dropping bombs on their heads. But I think people need to understand the issues and argue with the right data.