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food, creation, and Survivor

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Well, that's not really the whole thing, I think. There are lots of people in other places starving much worse than Iraqi peeps. Why not start in those other places? The western world has the foodstuff and ability to feed the entire planet properly - this is fact. Yet we don't.

As for it being our problem because we created it, I think that's kind of simplistic. Again, we created problems in all kinds of places - colonialism created all these 3 and 4 industry countries that have no hope at all of a bright future - their economies are so limited because they're not diverse enough. They're not diverse enough because we wouldn't let them diversify. We focused entire economies on a couple of industries, then raped the fuck out of them, then when we were done, we patted ourselves on the back for giving them freedom. So by that argument - fix what we broke - Iraq again should be #251 on the list, and not #1.

But yes you are correct that politicians should speak the truth. The way they talk tous is ridiculous, and demeaning. But really, the info is out there for anyone who really listens, and is really interested in knowing the truth. The only problem is that the so-called alternative media is as bad at misrepresenting things as the mainstream media. You really have to look at all of it and come up with personal opinions. They get away with it because most folks want their opinions fed to them. It leaves more time to watch Survivor and Bachelor Dates, or whatever the fuck those stupid shows are called this week.

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