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The Beat Generation is alive and well and living in Ealing

Posted to Poetry and Politics

If anyone knows how to read to a beat try this...

A game of strategy, I take a moment to pause
And from the shadow of leaves exist by Hagakure Laws
My mind comes pure like a newly born
Child burn your uniform,
Wait for one move, failed ruse, home truths
Take a new stance, check, guide your view glance
In my direction pay your homage to the next broken section
Yes Yes!

Let it carry you numb into a new way,
Reckless, seek the discretion of naivetee,
Forget your streetsmarts,
Any reminiscence of your beat starts the cycle
Bow down and honour its arrival
Revolution - can you feel a solution?
(To the sacrilegious taste of this moral intrusion)
You're on a mission now, if you choose to accept it
Or you can sit back and wax with your moral dilectic
I can't hear you...turn the sound up now,
I can't hear you...

See with the white skin eyes defy the prospect
Of the rise and the fall of denied intellect
Feel free to take your moment
Hand held we get atonement
From the drop-tone smiles of the light style opponents
Who we preach to, a sense of irony greets you
As you calmy discount life with dropdown eyes
Go sleep through
I'm gonna hold down keep up principle,
Keep the fee simple drop a toll on your head steeped in ritual
Killings committed in hate we keep reminding
Me to go pack case and go escape from this island

You see I never thought life could ever be like this, moments come and go no time to reminisce
But that's the way it goes, I guess
My case rests...