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Knowledge and information are the main problem. In the 90, ex-Yugoslavia was at war, which means reasonably that everyone joined in the killing, Serbs, Croatians and Moslems (Bosnia and Albania). Who was right? Who was wrong? I don't know! The media tried to convince us that there were Good Victims and Bad Executioners, by nature. By nature, Moslems were Good Victims and Orthodox Serbs were wicked executioners. That's why, when in Sarajevo a crowd was shot(twice)at the Markale place, everyone said it was the Serbs; this was not true, but until now everyone believes in that lie (like the Mohammed al-Dura TV forged "killing" last year).
In French, there is a very good book, well documented: Alexandre Del Valle, "Guerres contre l'Europe", éditions des Syrtes, 2000. The author has an Internet site, and you'll find infos in English. The site of the "Editions de l'âge d'homme", in Lausanne, has also material in English.
The point is to get informed, which means not to listen to TV, radios, avoid to read the main newspapers. They all lie. One is surprised to see to what extent their lies can go.
In the 90, the US policy was to support Moslem mafias, in Bosnia, Kosovo and Albania. Their main problem was to show the world these Moslem were the "kind harmless victims". That's what the media are meant for. They did the job.