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well, in a nutshell

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N.Korea - using the breathing room afforded by US Iraq involvement to exercise their rights to WMD. Unfortunately, they signed a treaty and their leader is insane, so that's a bit troubling.

US MOAB - motherfucker of all (non-atomic) bombs. Big fucking bomb, we're supposed to feel safer since it's not nuc. How do you protect innocents from getting vapourized with a bomb that big?

UK - don't give a fuck. I've been there many, many times and I despise that class I could care less. Their country is imploding in so many other ways that are more interesting, anyway.

France/Russia - their international politics is more about defining their position in the EU than about the UN. UN is fairly toothless anyway.

The times are a changin', I'm not convinced for the better, though.