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Hang on a Second Here, Boys and Girls

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I'm no Bush apologist, nor am I in favour of war, but you're not supporting the original point here. The question was "weren't America the ones that gave Saddam Hussein the Weapons of Mass Destruction?" Then a link points to a CBS interview that does not mention WMD a single time. They are talking strictly about conventional weapons. When we argue something, we have to stick to facts, and not let emotion get involved. I'd love to be able to show that the US gave Saddam his WMD, but that's simply not the case. He was sold tanks, artillery, bullets, uniforms, and other stuff, but as far as I know, no bio/chem/nuc weapons. Those are WMD, strictly speaking.

If you want to argue that the US shouldn't have sold Iraq anything to start with, then you need to first discuss the morality, or lack thereof, of selling weapons to any country other than your own. If the answer is that one should NOT do this, then you have to address the issue of those small countries who would get gobbled up by their big neighbours, and whether or not you would do anything about that, such as come to their defence. If you do, then you have to discuss under what conditions. Only in David/Goliath situations?? Wouldn't it be easier to put the defences in place in first, so that thousands don't get killed before you take action? Now we're full circle, and we're talking about the provision of weapons to select countries, and under what conditions.

The countries that the US provided arms to in that period were virtually all under the so-called threat of Communism, or other US enemies, such as Iran, who the US was really, really pissed at. That is what drove the US governments to supply these bad guys with weapons.

I'm not apologizing for anyone here. I never agreed with the great fear of Communism that the US had, and I certainly never supported the proxy wars they fought to keep democrapitalism safe. But stick to the facts, folks. The US didn't supply Iraq with WMD, and sliding off into little sidebar discussions without fact or logic makes you as bad as the media you despise and is at the root of the piffle that the alternative media spouts as truth, which I despise equally.

If we want to understand something, we have to work at it. Truth is never that easy.