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This is probably the most difficult issue to come to terms with

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I've flip-flopped on the abortion issue many times in my life. Currently, my view is that killing innocents is wrong. The issue is when does that baby become a human? At that point, abortion is wrong, in my opinion. Of course, I haven't yet decided at what point they become human - that's the hard part, and what has caused my flip-flopping over the years.

Funny, though, that many of those paid and trained to safeguard life seem to be pro-abortion. Certainly my wife, who was a RN for a dozen years, is pro. This was reinforced after working for a year in neo-natal intensive care, where the majority of babies had little chance to live due to the lifestyles of their mothers or the beatings their fathers laid on the mothers. The futility of this exercise in trying to keep alive babies that had no chance of survival is what stressed my wife out to the point of quitting nursing. I say, let the anti-abortionists work in these places for a while to get the whole picture.

Yet I am still (currently) anti-abortion. This is why I say this is the most difficult issue to come to terms with. It's hard to come to objective conclusions here, given all the facts. But if we can understand the views of both sides of the discussion, and learn to accept that opinions are OK, then we can start to stop the bickering between the two camps. Want your party to end and everybody go home? Just ask everybody what their abortion stand is.

But I said I am against the killing of innocents. This is why my being in favour of the death penalty is not all that strange, as stated in a thread above. They are not innocents. Under certain conditions of evil behaviour I have no problem killing them. We'd better be goddamned sure they're guilty though.

As for the comment above about anti-abortionists throwing bombs in clinics.......they're fringe. They don't even enter into the discussion.