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yeah it was a bit pish

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but that was the first thing i saw, that suggested to me there were actually other people in the world who knew kerouac. back then i wanted to know that, because i think it was before this site blew up...maybe not but i remember when it was basically just levikicks and you went a period of about two months not updating, so i disappeared for a year or two...then got drunker and more immersed into writing, remembered this place, came back and all of a sudden, millions of people talking about some weird shit...i like this site, but i remember when the beats existed only as i saw them....y'know that "if i close my eyes do you still exist?" type of philosophy? well i imagined the beats inspired people to be what i wanted to find...

that pish film was the only time i could associate the writing with loads of people without it seeming like i was just a tadpole surrounded by in "ribbit, ribbit" what else is new? type of atmosphere.

anyway. shit film, nice memory