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venice beats

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You can find them linked on my website, The Open Ended It.

scroll down to the bottom of the page and follow the link that sez, "Venice Beats".

Philomene has a site

but it is mostly materials for sale. You should check it out tho, she has a great documentary called, "The Beats: An Existential Comedy" which is well worth your time. Mary Kerr in San Francisco is also finishing up a great doc that deals with the entire west coast beat scene bringing together art, film, music, performance and the writers which deals quite a lot with the Venice crowd.

I am presently in the process of updating the Venice West pages. A few months back, for still unknown reasons, earthlink decided to pull my site down. Anyway, very long story short, I got about 80 per cent of it back up. There's poetry by Philomene Long, John Thomas, Tony Scibella & Frank T. Rios as well as some other things of poetic and historical note.

Also, if you are interested specifically in Stuart's work, there is a great, and truly comprehensive collection of his work that was published a few years back, "Voices of the Lady: Collected Poems" with a foreward by Robert Creeley published by the National Poetry Foundation out of the University of Maine. There is also an entire section on the Venice Beats in The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, which I co-edited, The Venice Beats being one of my contributions. Lastly, for kicks, there is Lawrence Lipton's book, "Holy Barbarians" which talks about The Venice West Cafe which Stuart established. The way Tony Scibella tells it, the book changed the Venice scene overnight. Beat wannabes were showing up with the book in their hip pocket... things were never the same.