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An inspired response...

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An inspired response to Mage’s story on the story board and to my reading of Nickel and Dimed:

Post more of this stuff. I enjoyed it very much. Realized today that we have our own enemies, and that Ashcroft should burn in effigy. There probably watching now. I think right now I am doing something un-American. My neighbors are watching and they will probably report me. I will be detained indefinitely under the pretext of the patriot act. Litkicks- please do not give them my ip address, or whatever it’s called when they can tell in what State, in what town, and in what room the computer is that the pariah calls from. When I was younger I wished I lived in the sixties. Now I know that my time is now. Our time has our own cause to rail about, a cause that has been in perpetual development through generations of Americans and our subsequent ancestors. Not much separates this time from other times in that nineteen presidents have been since 1900. I read books by generations that are in response to books by generations. We must write our own. But all thought is a composite of other thoughts calculated in the unique, individual mind. Our heritage is change. The only tradition that must be honored is the tradition of change, and we must move on in the knowledge that the intrinsic value of human beings is far greater than the menial, the petty and the frivolous. Work under another man’s colors is degrading. Our time is far too valuable to toil for another man breath. When the incessant goal is to dumb down the job, to eliminate liability in the human form, to weed out the innovative flower of insubordination and to replace it with obedient clones set to grow to a certain height, a certain width and a certain depth- when all this is happening, which is now, we know our time has come. I see it all linked and dependent on energy. And nothing other than the empowerment of humanity will befall the burgeoning of a renewable energy society that shins in the sun. On our own hill we will look out onto other hills of other people and know that we are a single glorious humanity aspiring to be god. Fully automated factories deriving a new renaissance, fueled with time and security, a new yen for knowledge, not just for a specific task but for the development of the mind and the cultivation of the spirit. Community owned corporations, solar panels, wind turbines, flowing lucid water and verdant grass. Flailing and fighting to get out of quick sand will only sink you further, take my arm, let me pull you out.

Thank you for your time.