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I think that was one

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of the most honest answers I've ever heard about this issue.

I want say something, however, that is without a doubt off topic but you reminded me. I have put a lot of thought of the issue as well before coming up with my beliefs though I do think there is a need for legal abortions I still do not and will never consider myself proabortion. Though this is semantics I think it's important not to be proabortion. I think it should be the moral imperitive of everyone to prevent the need for abortions. I don't like when someone says that they are adamant supports of choice or abortions either. I think the issue needs a more Buddhist like sadness than a Proud supporter. I don't believe that there is a need because it is simply a woman's choice. I think that abortions should be performed because there are a lack of choices that all available choices are actually nonviable choices. Roe v. Wade sets up guidelines that seem somewhat reasonable. Late term abortions are actually against Roe v. Wade because in the third trimester the Fetus is viable though not always but enough that the fetus actually gained rights to protection. When late term abortions were legalized Roe v. Wade ceased to be the measuring stick.

One thing I will say to the solely prolife camp that does bug me (mind you this is not aimed at you) is that all pregnancies should be forced to term even when the child will not survive. I'm talking about particularly brutal genetic defects. The main one is TaySach's which is disease that will kill the child within the first year of life but the most heinous thing is the child will not know a single moment without pain. It would be a living hell. At that point it becomes humane to abort.

It is a tough issue, indeed.