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thank you cat

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thank you for your genuine help... i'm looking into deleuze as we speak and i have to admit, he is tantalising. i'm learning already, and by learning i mean applying.., :) it's like he speaks a truth already contianed eithin me, a truth that just needs to coaxing to be brought to the surface... and that's always a good sign.... i shall read him more.... a lot more... and he has the same tastes as me: nietz, spinoza, bergson... very very cool combinations... trying to think outside of 'the box', the institution of philosophy... it's how i've approached my Humanities coarse in fact.. i was always wary of my college's mechanism... very... dogmatic. And it's applications to the above original question may prove fruitful. I shall credit you if i use this for my book,

Love and Light and thanks again,
Any other topics we could discuss i welcome from now on,