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fantasy/reality truth fiction

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mind body goes back over 2000 years

everything is dualism a dichotomy

i know it's been ingrained in our way of thinking but i think the world is alot more gray than black or white

in your book you will attempt to tell a story from your own paradigm and view of reality sans the possibility it is a perfect representation of it if there is such a thing I guess you could say in a round about way it would have to be partially inaccurate (fiction or fantasy) any piece of lit lies somewhere inbetween just as pure fantasy has it's root in real world experience

eliot thought from some paradigm any statement could be true

and viewed from another any one could also be false

I guess that could be construed as a pure relativism

I think there is morality in our dna and some things conducive to survival have evolved with us just as we have things that betray our moral sense. Some people say god wrote this on our heart that may also be true but i feel it in the soul of the dna. maybe he wrote it there