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...and now

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so, where now, seeming obvious
oblivious to opinion, moods
don't rain on his moon parade
george appears perched and ready swipe at tweety
once and for all
the rascally cat gonna get his bird
never mind us, never mind you, never mind sense
wrap it up in tissue so's
lou reed can wipe his ass with it
here we go, pucker up - suck that lemon
cause we're all about to get it square
in the old bunghole

so where do we go now?
my future seems clear
despite personal distaste for my
current troupe of democrapitalist leaders
jean seems to be tearing a page out of
good old pierre's sketchbook
and taking the idealistic road
strong stance that, and gutsy, considering
our northern economy depends on
red, white, and blue inclinations
which sway in the wind
depending on which favour front is on the move
maybe there's some good in old jean after all
maybe he remembers headier days
riding the train and giving westerners the finger
and picking new roses for pierre's lapel
whatever the reason, whatever his dreams
thank fuck he's not jumping aboard
the mule train
as georgie caws and blats his way into history
until his movement rewrites the books, that is
for that is coming

it's a war against freedom
see 9-11 strip them away
for our own good, there's the fight
he'll do what he wants
we're goin back 50 years
to a simpler time, and
mccarthy's comin to the party, you just wait and see
don't like retinal scans?
don't want cops holding those
who are guilty by pigmentation?
not interested in self-surveillance
for our own good?
the price they will be asking
to ensure our safety (in a world with little threat)
will be giving up our birthright
our freedom, our gains
and why? because they can, because we let them
cry freedom, or just cry
this is the next fight
the mother of all struggles
the war of the words
the stripping away of what has taken
40 years to attain
this will be next